Final Blog Post???

What are your takeaways from this semester?  

My expectation for this class was to learn new ways to implement technology in the classroom in order to increase student engagement. Instead, I’m ending the course with a new mindset of clarity and focus. Clarity on my role as an educator, facilitator and supporter. Focus on new and better ways to do what is best for the learner. To go beyond teaching content standards to embracing strengths and weaknesses in order to identify problems and solutions.

I also recognize the power of sharing and reflecting. It’s not enough to make a difference in the classroom, but to build a culture of support and moving forward. Taking risks and recognizing that it is an opportunity to do something great. To not allow my comfort level or fear or failing inhibit opportunities to grow and learn.

I leave this semester knowing that I am a school teacher that take risks to do what is right for the learner while recognizing that I am also a learner. Thank you Dr. Katie Martin for your courage and determination to innovate for our children. You have forever changed my mindset in teaching and inspire me to do better. My goal is to grow empowerment amongst my students, colleagues and community.

What will you do as a result?  

I plan to implement 8 Characteristics of an Innovative Mindset as a guide for reflections and 8 Things to Look for in Today’s Classroom as a checklist when planning my curriculum.

I will also ask my students to reflect on both and how it can assist their learning, in addition to reflecting consistently and sharing their reflections with others.

I also plan to incorporate student selected project based learning. With the few changes I’ve made this semester involving Voice and Choice I’ve noticed a tremendous turn around with several struggling students and their level of participation. Therefore, it makes sense to continue the implementation of Student Voice, Choice, Time for Reflection, Opportunities for Innovation, Critical Thinkers, Problem Solvers/Finders, Self Assessment, and Connected Learning.

How will you continue to learn and grow and an educator?

Networking and connecting were ideas relevant to businesses and marketing…so I thought. I now see it as essential to progress, growth and staying relevant. My goal is to maintain my website and continue blogging and reflecting with purpose. To continue to connect with educators via social media to share and reflect on best practices. To follow, participate and reflect on George Couros’ Principal of Change. Lastly, I will continue to take risks and share with the journey with my students and colleagues in hopes to inspire and grow innovation.

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