#IMMOOC week 6

IMMOOC Experience:

Not quite sure what I was getting into, thinking I would learn about some cool apps that I could implement in the classroom, boy was I wrong! Honestly, I’m glad I was. This was my first experience having to read a book along with corresponding videos and prompts. Each section of the IMMOOC supported one another and really solidified the message of the book. I can only hope to create the same environment in my classroom, amongst the staff and community. As Sheila mentions in #IMMOOC-Final Episode, “we never arrive, it’s a mindset”. The Innovator’s Mindset is not an event, but a process. A process on how to shift our thinking to support what is best for the learner.


I love that each guest speaker shared the community and support aspect of IMMOOC. As mentioned in the broadcast, “relationships are the foundation”. Teaching should be more than teaching the standards or teaching to the test, but taking risks. Easier said than done, but with the support of other risk takers sharing best practices that support what is best for learners, then it becomes teamwork-collaboration-inspiration. What I’ve tried to do in my classroom is ask students what do they want to learn, how do they want to learn and to reflect on the what and how. Their responses are amazing and they’ve given me awesome ideas. It’s almost like we’ve become this learning workshop. I haven’t quite reached them all, but this experience makes me feel better equipped to try and understand where each student is coming from.

How Crucial Is One Person:

I ask myself that at every staff meeting. Is it worth saying anything? Should I share? What push back will I get? I think of all the great things we could do together for our kids and how all I need to do is share what I’m doing in my classroom, then I take that risk and share out, not always successfully, but I know I am trying to do what is best for our learners. I can completely agree with what Tara said about needing to have risk takers to model and inspire others to take risks or what she referred to as “spark starters”. What I struggle with is that there are as much spark starters as there are fire extinguishers, but I constantly remind myself because of this experience is to do what is best for learners and ask would I want to be a learner in my classroom.

Take Aways:

There are so many great and inspiring ideas that have helped me to initiate my mindset shift. To mention a few, relationships are the foundation, do what is best for learners, 8 things to look for in today’s classroom and most importantly to reflect and connect.



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