Week 4 25 Hour Learning Challenge #edcs480

Week 4: This is your final week to work on developing your target activity/skill. In this module’s blog posts pay particular attention to how your digital identity has influenced your learning and vice versa.

  • How has your use of blogs, tweets, and other social media for this process changed your digital identity?

My digital identity has changed from posting snapshots of my life and ideology to purposeful and meaningful reflection. As well as, a committed effort to support my reflection and learning. Instead of wondering the web aimlessly in search of something,  I felt as if I better understand myself and by reflecting with that in mind I felt like I was contributing to something better.

Although, I made several adjustments to my challenge I learned that it needed to be relevant, achievable and fun. Putting myself in the learner’s seat taught me to remember what the learner is capable of doing and to have fun while doing it. When people are learning something about which they are passionate, the challenge is well worth the effort. (Couros, 2015) To be frank, if we are learning something that we are passionate about there really is no effort involved…only success.

  • How has your increased digital footprint contributed to building a collaborative learning community that supports your learning goals?

Purposeful reflection and sharing allows us to build trust and let go of our vulnerability. To have a shared, common goal to learn something new AND better. That our focus is how to best move our students forward and not focus on what is not comfortable. We build a collaborative learning community that supports my learning goals because we are on the same journey and simply sharing our experiences and offering best practices. At the same time, we often create what we experience, so why not change what we create in our professional learning? (Couros, 2015) I’ve committed to the Innovator’s Mindset and having an online community that has also accepted the challenge is empowering and drives me to do what is best for the learner.

Knowing that my peers are facing this challenge as well gives me determination to try my best and a sense of teamwork. We may not be together physically, but reading through their blogs and posts it is comforting knowing I am not alone. Honestly, I’ve heard of online communities, networking and thought by posting I was a part of something, but this challenge and IMMOOC has really changed how I look at technology and the impact it can have in one’s journey in learning.

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