Week 3 – 25 Hour Learning Challenge #edcs480


Well, since my last attempt at my one mile challenge I’ve made a few adjustments. I’ve chosen a different route, one less terraneous and use of the Runkeeper app (tracks my distance/progress, allows me to set my goals, training programs, and even allows me to train with friends). I realized that I needed to start where I am physically, not start where I want or should be. I love the use of the app because it allows me to set my own goals and literally talks me through it as I am exercising. I also brought my daughters along this time for support. What actually ended up happening was my 8 year old had a 15-20 foot head start and as I would get closer to her she would take off running! Surprisingly, that sparked the competitor in me and I started to chase her. Next thing I knew, I hit my mile mark 4 minutes faster than before! It became fun, a game and not my trainer/husband nagging me. I was really proud of myself for shaving some minutes off just by having fun with my kids and husband. I did have to ask him if he told our daughter to taunt me, of course he said no.  I guess some challenges of collaborating could be that I become reliant on the relationship and it becoming the “carrot”. Although, it did help in giving me the push I needed to continue and not give up. What I can do is to develop a steady routine and slowly wean myself off or maybe rotate/mix up how  and with whom I collaborate.

I honestly was not looking forward to another mile with my trainer/husband. His attempt to motivate me turns into a Jedi mind trip. He has taught me that I have no patience for passive aggressive people and I hope he is learning that as well! It really made me want to quit my challenge and start something else, but having my daughters there with all their energy made me forget my frustration and push forward. As I mentioned, having my daughter run with me and making me chase her did bring out determination and the will power to really try. Maybe knowing my husband is in much better shape than I am and having him as a workout partner somehow makes me feel inferior, but chasing my daughter knowing I “might” have the chance of catching her gave me hope. In the same that creating a curriculum should empower students to learn verses students viewing curriculum as unattainable and not wanting to try.

Collaboration has been a huge game changer for me and this challenge. What I thought what would be me running a mile and improving my time has turned into me learning about myself… what motivates me, what my insecurities are and how to persevere. Bring it on week 4!

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