25 Hour Learning Challenge

25 Learning Challenge-week 2 #edcs480

As I drove to my children’s soccer practice I am mentally preparing myself for my challenge, to consistently run a mile AND increase my time. I ready, I’m psyched, it’s on! My trainer (husband) starts us off walking the trail, up and down the hill. Not once or twice, but three times. I kindly let him know that I need to start my mile soon or I’ll be out of energy. As I said it, I already knew my determination was fading, but I pushed on. As I started my time and began to jog the trail I quickly realized that I took on more than I was ready for. Thoughts were running through my head faster than I was actually running…maybe .5 mile would have been more realistic? maybe I should have started at the track instead of this hilly trail! maybe I should have chosen cooking instead? As fear of failing set in, my one mile mark was met. I then felt accomplished and said to myself, “that wasn’t that bad, I can do this!”

Thinking back to my classroom and how I approach some lessons I realized that I sometimes like to start big and front load information, soon to realize that it was a bit too much for some of my students to handle, then I chunk it down and make adjustments. Leading to the understanding that I was allowing my fear to inhibit taking risks. Not taking risks by not asking the students what they want, what do they know and want to know. As Shawn Clark and Brady Venables mention in  #IMMOOC episode 2, you only know what you know, it’s normal behavior, it’s conditioned to be one way. I am conditioned to thinking and doing things a certain way that is not conducive to learning for all. I am doing what is comfortable for me, but not what is best for the learner. Or as far as my challenge is concerned, my health. I have to ask myself every day, “what is best for this learner?” I need to overcome the idea that education is something I provide verses that education is something that we create for ourselves. (Couros, 2015)

As my trainer/husband tried to tell me, I need to start small and increase my distance over time. Thinking I know what’s best for me I wanted to prove him wrong, but in the end…he was on to something. Just as “the belief that abilities, intelligence and talents are developed over time will lead to the creation of new ideas.” I need to attack this with the Innovator’s Mindset8-Characteristics-of-the-Innovators-Mindset.png (629×466)

To identify and compare my thought and learning process to the 8 Characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset will allow me to develop newer AND better ideas as well as the focus needed to accomplish my goals and understand my students. I think the better we understand ourselves, the better we are able to understand and help others. Looking forward to my next mile.


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