Standard 1b. Social/Emotional

This standard addresses the social and emotional development patterns, behavior and risks our adolescents may face and interventions we as Agents of Change need to address. As a professional middle level teacher it is important to acknowledge that children between the ages of 12-14 have more ability for complex thought, are better able to express feelings through talking and develop a stronger sense of right and wrong. (CDC, 2016) As I plan my curriculum I need to keep in mind this stage of development and its significance to our classroom culture. Therefore, before learning content we focus on our 4 TRIBES agreements: Appreciation-No Put Downs, Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, and Right to Pass. In groups students participate in various inclusion, influence and community activities to build learning in a caring culture. Students participated in a Dear Abby activity, in their table groups they were each given index cards to write a concern or problem he/she worried about or faced at school, then attempt to give their peers advice to those concerns. (Exemplar 2) This activity addresses Standard 1b by allowing students to express their feelings by writing it down and sharing out with their peers, then by offering advice are able to think about moral and problem solving solutions.

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