Poor learning?

Here is my assignment for this week:

Describe 2 learning experiences.

1.Reflect on a poor learning experience.  

2.Reflect on your most significant learning experience.  

For both of these learning experiences describe: what supported or hindered your learning, what were the conditions, how did you learn?

What connections can you make between your own learning experiences and the resources your read and watched?

As I reflect on a poor learning experience I realize that there is no such thing! Poor learning is an oxymoron. If something was learned how could it be poor, unless one learned a bad habit. Reflecting on an experience and labeling it as “poor” means that I learned from it, identified it as something I should not have done or could have done better, therefore learning has taken place. I think what could be considered a poor learning experience could be when reflection does not occur. With that being said, I will reflect on a situation when I did not take time to think about what I was doing nor made any adjustments.

Fresh out of Real Estate certification, my only prior knowledge of it was just recently buying my own home, but I wanted to start big. I was hired by a large real estate company, they supplied me with a desk, my own phone and off I went. Not really. I did not take the time to identify my goal, so I had no set plan on what to achieve or how to achieve it. All I knew was that I wanted to make money helping people buy and sell their homes. I was also a new mom and thought I could work from home, another mistake. With no goal, no plan, my time at my “home” office turned into running errands or chores. What I eventually learned was that being your own boss was a lot harder than I thought. I realized that working from home with a young family does not work for me because there were too many distractions, I should have joined a team of Realtors and other professionals to learn from and network with and lastly, I  should have identified specific goals and detailed plan to achieve those goals. What I learned during certification was enough to become a licensed Realtor, but not enough to sustain me as a professional.

This situation solidifies what we have been learning about in class because it takes a team to flourish and progress. It takes continual learning-reflecting-adjusting to reach one’s goals and aspirations, it needs to be relevant. As Will Richardson- The Surprising Truth about Learning in Schools, start with what is relevant in a person’s life and make learning meaningful. Recognize that learning takes place every second and network with others to learn strategies on how to make learning meaningful beyond the classroom. 



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