Creating a website for EDCS 480 – Computers in Education is why you can find me. Attempting to refine my pedagogy is why I’m in a Master’s program. If it relates to me and my children personally or professionally, then I’m all about it. Call me selfish, but there are only so many hours in the day!

I am in my third year of teaching and it’s been a ride. My takeaway has been to keep it simple: choose my strategies wisely and do what works and be awesome at it. I think I learn best when I’m given verbal AND visual instructions. I have to hear it and see it in order for it to make sense to me. (at least twice)

I want to be able to effectively and efficiently implement technology in my classroom to differentiate instruction and give parents and families the opportunity to be active in that process. I want to connect with students that I could not connect with before,  I want students to connect with other students who they have never connected with before on an academic level.  As Aaron Hogan states in An Educator’s Social Media Guide, ” Twitter is a space where educators reject isolation, celebrate together, and continue professional growth.  This is a goal I want for myself as well as for my students.

Looking forward to learning in this class, more excited to implement sucessfully.

6 thoughts on “#EDCS480

  1. Your are so right about choosing strategies wisely and doing what is best for kids. I have to agree, that as a learner who likes to see what I’m expected to do, the visual aspect of a learning blog is very appealing.

    Although I have been teaching for 17 years, I am very new to technology and am totally excited about the prospect of how it can not only work to, as you mention, help differentiate for various learners in the classroom, but also bring home and school closer together. Especially at the middle school level, when parents tend to feel that disconnect, a classroom blog or a place for students to have and share their voice, is a great way to bring everyone together.

    It’s an exciting time for sure. I’m thankful to have such awesome cohort members to go on the journey with.

    Amy Var

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  2. Strategy planning and applying is always the key element of success. It is a challenging process that takes time and experience. This is my 4th year of teaching, I am developing my strategy by teaching in classes. I believe that it is also important for us as an educator, to teach students the strategy planning skill.
    I feel the same way of technology learning. Technology is a effective and helpful tool to differentiate our instruction. I hope we can all improved our tech skill throughout this course!

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  3. Aloha Adrianne,
    I’m in my 16th year of teaching and I cannot agree with you more that utilizing technology to differentiate, build partnerships with families, as well as provide strategies that will assist in the engagement of the activity for all. I look forward to this journey with you.

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